In this game, love triumphs over hate and rainbow poops give us flowers.

The Game

Zap the bird caricatures of prominent anti-LGBTQA+ figures designed by local artists. Each successful hit will turn an ignorant figure into a harmless and colourful creature. The more you transform the higher your points rank on the local leaderboard!

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The Project

Wanting to encourage a positive message of diversity and equal rights for all, Embreate took on the task of creating something unique for the festival dedicated to queer performances and art; Nuit Rose. Inspired by classic arcade hit ‘Duck Hunt’, Embreate presents in its honor, ‘Man Hunt.’

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Take Away

The intention is for audiences to use positivity and light to transform hate into love. There are many prominent figures who are outspoken about their anti-queer views, but rather than just answer with violence or hate, we advocate for love and inclusivity. This becomes a means to demonstrate that together we can overtake any obstacles.

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Man Hunt is currently in the Distribution phase.

Currently the producers are seeking new distribution opportunities.


Man Hunt was produced by Embreate for Nuit Rose 2019, otherwise known as The Festival of Queer Art and Performance. It is produced with the support of the Ontario Arts Council and the city of Toronto through the Toronto Arts Council for Toronto Pride.

PRODUCER Scott Nihill

DIRECTOR Lalaine Ulit-Destajo

PROGRAMMER Jeffrey Barkun

ARTIST Halie Towns

ARTIST Sandra Krutow

ARTIST Arantxa Chavarri

ARTIST Luke Dickey